Why Does My Belly Button Hurt?

Have you been experiencing pain around your belly button lately? Are you wondering where the pain comes from? The pain around your belly button can make you quite uncomfortable. On hindsight you should not ignore these symptoms, especially if it is consistent. For that, you...
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Introducing Your New Favorite Leather Goods Brand

Four brothers comprise the Phoenix-based brand Ezra Arthur, specializing in handmade leather goods meant to last. All of their items, from notebooks to wallets, are made with premium materials; the result is heirloom-quality goods you’ll want to pass down. If the stitching breaks, rips or...
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A Look Inside the Innovation Center Redesigning the Shoe

In recent years, Cole Haan has upended the world of footwear with its innovative approach to product design. The 89-year-old company has focused resources on evolving its lines of shoes for men and women, creating an innovation center in New Hampshire dedicated to solving problems...
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Three Great Oxfords for Under $50

An oxford shirt is the epitome of refined utilitarianism. The perfect marriage between form and function, the shirt looks presentable both on and off-duty. Keep it crisp, and it works under a suit. Rumple it up a little, and it’s a great kick-around shirt for...
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The Polo-Oxford Hybrid Should Be Your New Summer Staple

Do you really need a shirt that’s one part oxford, one part polo? Yes, you do, because the popover is a nonchalant, sporty summer style staple that’s been a favorite of rakish men for over half a century. The popover owes some breathability to its...
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