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10 Types Of High Heels You May Consider Buying

A girl can never get enough shoes! How true is that!! – Whether it is pretty ballerinas or sleek stilettos, a girl has to have them all. But have you ever wondered from where these high heels came from? You’ll be amazed to know that...
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8 Super Easy Hairstyles For Girls – Step By Step

Is your little princess bored of wearing her hair the same way all the time? Well, take the creative route and be inspired by these adorable and cute hairstyles that will look perfect on her. Play around with them and give your little girl’s hair...
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10 Home Remedies, Causes And Symptoms For Hormone Imbalance

When was the last time you stopped ‘moaning’ about hormones and hormonal imbalance? Are mood swings and temperament bothering you? This is one of the many burning topics among females after menstruation, pads, relationships, sex, pregnancy, and the likes. Do you want to know the...
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Coolest Tunics To Wear And Flaunt

Hello Summer, automatically brings us to hello Tunics! The soaring temperatures need to be cooled down with these easy breezy tunics that are a shoppers dream. Nothing short of comfort and chic, tunics are the new-in for the season. These solid coloured tunics are sure...
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What To Wear Under A Cardigan: Do’s And Don’ts

One of the most convenient trends for the light winter seasons is the Cardigan. Cardigans are adaptable and comfy, and can conveniently be mingled with any piece of clothing you own and worn on any occasion. Got a romantic date? Throw on a cardigan with...
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How To Stop Period Cramps?

On an average, 3 to 4 productive days of all women on this planet are reduced to the most dreadful days, thanks to the blessing of creation women have – periods. We fill our days staying curled up on the couch, spend nights tossing and...
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