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What Counts as Cheating Now?

That’s because men and women perceive infidelity differently, according to new research published in Sexual & Relationship Therapy.  Have you ever been in hot water with your girlfriend because your definition of cheating doesn’t exactly align with hers? In the study, researchers had 272 female and...
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How to Dress for Every Wedding – Style Guide

Though they’ll be called by any name, it is just this spectrum that ranges from beach-friendly suits to tailored black tuxes. For each code, you get your money’s worth by staying classic and simple — look good and show respect, but don’t draw too much...
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Valentine’s Day 2017 Gifts For Him

Valentine's Day 2017 Gifts For Him
Although Valentine’s Day passed on, but if you need some inspiration on what present to get the man in your life for the next Valentine’s Day, here’s our pick of the best gifts. From cheeky boxers to trusty aftershave, funny gift ideas and ones from...
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Beloit Couple Choose To Give Back Instead Of Wedding Gifts

Beloit Couple Choose To Give Back Instead Of Wedding Gifts
Probably most couples getting married will ask friends to give them housewarming gifts, however for Maren and Stephen Hawkins of Beloit, getting married meant giving back to the community. Stephen is on sabbatical from his role as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Beloit....
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Show You Greatest Gift For A Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day

white gold jewellery
For boyfriends all entire the world looking to find the best gift for a girlfriend this Valentine’s Day, a recently published blog post is probably the perfect solution. After two blog posts describing eight unlike options for Valentine’s Day gifts for a girlfriend, the latest...
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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men In Your Life

Valentine's Day Gifts For Men In Your Life
Feb. 14 is quickly approaching, and it’s time to lock down the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for men. It seems as we just survived the holidays, however the occasion has arrived yet again to find just the right thing for that special someone in your...
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Share The Gift Of Love With You

Gift Of Love
In the wake of the holiday season, my thoughts turn to counting my blessings. They say that gratitude makes us happier and I believe that. Scientific research even backs that claim. The main things I am cheerful for is a wonderful family, caring friends and...
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Presents 7 Inexpensive Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Presents 7 Inexpensive Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays
Whether you’re attending a Thanksgiving dinner celebration, a Christmas party or other holiday gathering this year, be the guest your host will remember by bringing along an impressive host or hostess gift. You’ll find plenty of sales to shop for small gifts over the biggest...
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