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7 Places She Met the Guy She Cheated On You With

It’s an unfortunate part of life: Some people cheat. And, while no one wants to be the person who was cheated on, people have a sick fascination with what goes down during cheating, when it happens, and how it happens. Now, a new survey is...
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Can You Dye Gray Chest Hair?

Aging isn’t a dignified process, but gray chest hair is a special kind of insult. You can be doing great work at the gym, diligently applying anti-wrinkle cream, even keeping up with the kids on Snap. Then your chest sprouts silver fur. The universe is...
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One of Katy Perry’s Exes Responds to Her Sex Ranking

Katy Perry’s new album Witness is expected to debut at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week, despite middling reviews from critics, and a wave of controversial press surrounding her promotional tour. Indeed, the media tour for Witness has arguably overshadowed the album itself,...
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4 Backyard Items You Can Use as Weights for Workouts

When you head to the backyard this summer to start making moves on the grill, you might be surrounded by a few familiar objects that can help you get your workout in. Your backyard isn’t just for barbecuing and taking a dip in the pool....
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3 Probably, Maybe Foolproof Rules of Texting

[Ed. note. Recently, the New York Times published an op-ed called “Texting With Boys,” where the writer described her lifelong experiences communicating with men via iMessage, GChat, and so on. It’s an, uh, interesting read. We asked our own resident texting expert, Tyler Daswick, to...
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