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Doug Inglish


On TNT’s post-apocalyptic thriller The Last Ship, Travis Van Winkle plays a Navy SEAL trying to save the planet from a viral pandemic. If he were in this situation in real life? “I’d want a romantic interest, a close friend, some family, and one stranger with me,” he says. “We’d create a new civilization up in the trees, like Avatar; maybe even paint ourselves blue.”

But the hero thing isn’t just an act. Last year, Van Winkle trekked the muddy paths of Nicaragua to help build a school as part of a service trip. “These villages seemingly have nothing, yet they have everything,” he says. “They’re rich in culture and family values. It reminds me to simplify my life.” Easier said than done for a Hollywood actor on the rise, but Van Winkle is determined to stay grounded. When he’s not taking orders from Bay—whom he previously worked with on Transformers— he spends his time fishing, cruising L.A. on his bike, and kicking it with friends.

“I’ve kept this amazing community of powerhouse individuals who hold me accountable,” he says. “They remind me to live up to my greatest potential.”


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Charcoal gray is the ultimate neutral, which is just one of the many reasons Todd Snyder’s aviator jacket pairs with everything. “James Dean was the influence for this ’50s-style jacket,” says Snyder. Wear it with denim, as Dean did, or pair it with dress pants for an unexpected alternative to a suit. It’s a light jacket, perfect for cool summer nights, and Snyder uses technical wool, which is waterproof, breathable, and harder wearing. “It’s a classic fit—tailored, but not too slim,” he says, “so anyone can wear it.”

Todd Snyder Tech-Wool Zip jacket, $1,295, by request,; Houndstooth Dress pants, $395, 

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