Top 10 Ways to Instantly Make Your Day Better

Are you feeling under the weather today? Or are you in a grumpy mood because you got up on the wrong side of the bed? We all go through our ups and downs throughout the course of the day. Tight schedules, truckloads of laundry or...
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Some Interesting Facts about Marissa Mayer You didn’t Know

By now I’ve posted two blogs, discussing nitty-gritty on Marissa Mayer’s fashion. In this edition, I have tried to compile some top picks about Marissa, which many people are not aware of. Here are some quick interesting facts you didn’t know about Marissa Mayer: an...
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Fun Facts about Your Favorite Fashion Designers

Fashion enthusiasts may claim that they are  au courant with their favorite fashion designers’ life history and work and can even talk about them in sleep. Fashionlady offers these fashion aficionados some surprising fun facts about their designers, which they have never before heard of....
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Top 10 High End Watches for Ladies for All Time

Fashionlady offers you some exquisite high end watches for ladies, which are going to remain voguish and contemporary for ages to come. Below are a few haute horological timekeepers. Revel in the collections! Omega Ladymatic Omega’s recent addition to their Ladymatic Collection features a combination...
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Victoria’s Secret Most Expensive Bras of All Time

As we’d discussed in our previous post how other brands are getting inspired by Victoria’s Secret and launching world’s most expensive bras, in this edition let’s focus on the brand which had actually started this trend. Since past decade, every year Victoria’s Secret have been...
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World’s Most Expensive Tattoo

Did you ever think like bags and wedding dresses, there can also be the world’s most expensive tattoo? South African Shimansky brand model “Minki van der Westhuizen” is wearing the world’s most expensive tattoo. The tattoo is not just what you might normally think in...
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Tongue Tattoo – Now What the Heck is That

Body art is slowly taking over all the areas on human body. Tattoos, which are a hot commodity these days are now seen in almost all areas, even on the weird places you’d never thought of just like tongue tattoo. Ever came across this term?...
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10 Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Source : Pinterest Let’s for once forget how much you spent or plan to spend on your wedding dress and look at some of the World’s most expensive celebrity wedding dresses. Let’s have a look! 1.Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress Cost: $ 2.1 Million The Givenchy...
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