The Amazon Echo Is on Sale for its Lowest Price Ever

If your dad likes to keep up with the latest tech trends, you should already have gifted him an Amazon Echo by now. The Echo, a hands-free speaker you control with your voice, has been around for three years—an eternity in tech-trend time—and it’s a...
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The 12 Best Short Sleeve Shirts for Men This Summer

When the mercury starts to rise and humidity makes the air feel thick, back and neck sweat is your worst nightmare. (If chronic sweating has got you down, take a look at some of these products). What’s worse, going to work in a long-sleeve button-down...
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How to Progress Up To the One-Arm Pushup

The one-arm pushup is among the most impressive feats of fitness a guy can pull off (see also: one-arm pullup, muscleup). Moreover, it’s a powerful tool for increasing your chest and triceps strength and overall stability throughout your upper and lower arms—something that will benefit...
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What To Wear Under A Cardigan: Do’s And Don’ts

One of the most convenient trends for the light winter seasons is the Cardigan. Cardigans are adaptable and comfy, and can conveniently be mingled with any piece of clothing you own and worn on any occasion. Got a romantic date? Throw on a cardigan with...
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