Save on Classics at One of the Season’s Best Sales

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is cause for celebration for style-minded folk. The 116-year-old retailer is known for selling luxurious basics that stand the test of time thanks to classic designs, and the Anniversary Sale features an early crop of fall basics before they return to their...
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Three Great Shorts Under $30

Summer will soon be on the wane, and the mid-July proliferation of sales means it’s high time to score a deal on shorts. Heck, if you can find a pair under $30, you might as well pick up every color in a style. To help...
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Feed Your Muscles With This Vanilla Almond Ice Cream

Why reach for a plain, boring protein bar or shake post-workout when you can have ice cream instead? Blend together some almond butter, protein powder (like this organic whey from the Men’s Health store), milk, and water, and you’ve got this sweet, cool semifreddo—a semi-frozen...
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This Dude Was Attacked By a Hawk on His Run

Andy Llewellyn was on a run near Chellaston, England, on August 1 when he felt what he called an “almighty whack” against the back of his head. His first thought was that a person had attacked him, but then he heard wings flapping around. This...
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Exactly How This Top Trainer Spends 30 Minutes At the Gym

Ever looked at a trainer’s body and thought, I wonder what they do? We wanted answers, so we asked one of our favorite trainers—certified strength and conditioning specialist Tony Gentilcore, founder of CORE training in Boston—to reveal his exact gym routine when he’s pressed for...
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The 7 Best Old-School Instant Cameras

After years on life support, Polaroid-style instant cameras are making a comeback. Pick one up and take a few pics, and you’ll understand why. Apart from the convenience of having a physical, ready-to-hang-or-frame photo in your hand a minute after you snap, the pictures these...
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Stylish Workout Gear You Can Wear to the Gym and to Drinks

Admit it, you’ve been that guy who works out in an old cotton t-shirt from college and then drops by the grocery store or your friend’s place a sweaty, stinking mess. But if your workout clothes can’t transition seamlessly from CrossFit to drinks, your gear...
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