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Gain Muscle and Lose Fat is Hard for You? You May Making Mistakes

Do you know why you are making it harder of gaining muscle and lose fat? All of that’s great—and we certainly applaud you for it—but the real truth is that

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Another Reason Not to Drink Sugary Drinks and Soda

Too much visceral fat, the deep fat that wraps around vital organs like your heart, liver, and kidneys, can lead to metabolic syndrome, whose symptoms can include high cholesterol, high

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Tell You How To Burn Fat

  The prevailing formula for a long time on how much fat you’re going to burn was calories in minus calories out, based on your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and

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Old-Fashioned Butter Is Better Than a Spread for Weight Loss?

“You have to think beyond just calories,” Kadey says. More fat means more calories but also more fullness after meals, which can keep you from overeating later in the day. From

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Americans Are Joining Gyms Like Crazy, Yet We’re Still Fatter Than Ever

The statistics are grim: Some 35% of American men, 40% of American women, and 17% of American teens and children are considered clinically obese, meaning a body mass index (BMI)

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