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Introducing The Man’s Guide to Kinky Sex

People who get a little freaky in the bedroom are happier than those who stick to vanilla sex, according to a recent Dutch study. Other research suggests that adventurous sex

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1 In 6 People Has a Sex Fetish.

A new study in the Journal of Sex Research finds that paraphilias—unusual sexual interests—are actually common: One in three people have experimented with one at some point in their lives.You

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Does She Secretly Hate Your Fetish?

Men often ask, “What do women want?” But often times they forget to ask, “What do women not want?” It’s not always a simple “yes or no” question. Although “no

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1,580 Women Reveal the Kinkiest Things They’d Let You Try Tonight

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about human sexuality, along comes a new study that makes you feel like your dad when somebody explained “bukkakke”

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