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Hugh Jackman Uses Clap Pushups to Transform Into Wolverine

The actor posted a video to social media doing a run of clapping pushups, showing off the final seven after grinding out 100 during his workout—or so his caption would imply. Hugh Jackman is getting pretty ripped for his next movie role—and he’s using clapping...
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A Holiday Gift Exchange Called Secret Sister

A Holiday Gift Exchange Called Secret Sister
It seems innocent enough on a holiday gift exchange called Secret Sister. If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram you probably have noticed this holiday gift exchange offer. “You only have to buy one gift valued at $10 or more and send it to one...
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Share 2015 Men’s Fashion With You

2015 Men's Fashion
Models at the Parke & Ronen Underwear Launch Party at the Parke & Ronen store in New York, in November 2015. When traditionally women bought underclothes for their male partners, currently certain male consumers consider nothing of spending up to $470 for unmentionables. High-End Underwear...
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The Best Wedding Gift For Brides

Best Wedding Gift For Brides
Talia didn’t make sure what to get her friend Rachel for her bridal shower, until she remembered the gift the bride was already getting for herself: a new name. Rachel had decided to take her future husband’s name when she got married. It gave Talia...
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Give You Tips And Advice to Add Oomph to Your Next Selfie

Taylor Swift followed suit, and now the social media accounts the world over has seen the flooding of selfies and gelfies, Ellen De Generes at the Academy Awards last year bombed the scene with her group selfies of winners, Tips on taking glamorous red carpet...
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