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Tell You How to Shine Your Shoes the Right Way

The reason? Kevin Tuohy, founding partner of A Shine & Co., thinks it may be because more men are becoming more fashionably aware. Or at least that’s his best, well-educated guess. Tuohy, a professional shoe-shiner of 20 years, first picked up shoe-shining while in the...
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An Arizona Cobbler Is Redefining Bespoke Footwear

“It wasn’t until I started combining sneakers with dress shoes that a lot of people started taking an interest in me,” says Randy Lucas, also known as Randy the Cobbler. The third-generation cobbler is the owner of Broadway Shoe Repair in Tempe, Arizona, a traditional...
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Wearing One Watch, Three Ways

The point of buying your dream watch (or any watch, really) is to plant that sucker on your wrist all day, every day, for as long as both it and you keep ticking. But your attire isn’t a constant. The seasons change, your tastes change,...
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Why Athleisure Is the Best Trend (with the Worst Name)

“I very much hate the term ‘athleisure’,” said Tyler Haney, founder of Outdoor Voices, an activewear clothing brand that describes its audience as people who are athletic, but who don’t feel the need to dress head to toe in Nike performance gear. “Our clothes are...
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How to Wear One Outfit, Three Ways

Here’s the bad news: there’s no shortcut to style. Choosing quality, well-tailored clothes in timeless styles (with a contemporary bent) is the only consistent way to achieve sartorial success. However, there are a few ways to milk the system, like leveraging one set of good...
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What Your Hair Really Needs Is Some Blow

My barber has tattoos, a potbelly, a bald head and a twelve-year-old daughter. He knows my hair. He gives me advice. He’s an all-around nice guy. The only thing I hate about him is that when I leave his chair every handful of weeks, I...
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A Clothing Company that Makes Its Own Clothes

“In 2011, we didn’t own a sewing machine,” Todd Shelton admits. “And that was a problem.” His brand, Todd Shelton, sold clothing. The operation was 10 years old. Now 14 years old, Todd Shelton’s company owns 55 sewing machines, a fusing machine and a handful...
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The Best Wardrobe Essentials Are Worth the Price

The voice of reason inside your head might tell you not to drop $1,500 on a blazer, $500 on sneakers or $140 on a single white tee. But before you scoff at the fact that people actually buy such things, consider this: your wardrobe staples...
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Suits, Streetwear and 15 Stylish Men on Instagram

Style is more than the sum of fashionable parts. Does a Martin Greenfield suit or a Swiss-made watch help? How about a pair of polished Allen Edmonds shoes, the best car in the world, or a well-appointed apartment? Sure. But the truth is that having...
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