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Trai Byers’ “Empire” State of Style

James Ryang The Guy With roles in the Oscar-winning Selma and on Fox’s megahit series Empire, Trai Byers has clearly stepped beyond Hollywood’s velvet rope—but the realization is taking a while to sink in. “I’m just a poor boy from Kansas City living my dream,”...
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5 Appearance Tweaks She’ll Absolutely Notice

Every guy wants to look his best, but sometimes it’s easy to miss the simple stuff.  These quick tips from Men’s Health executive fashion director Brian Boyé will take you less than four minutes total, but can make serious upgrades to your appearance  Four minutes...
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Keep it Simple With Travis Van Winkle

Doug Inglish THE GUY On TNT’s post-apocalyptic thriller The Last Ship, Travis Van Winkle plays a Navy SEAL trying to save the planet from a viral pandemic. If he were in this situation in real life? “I’d want a romantic interest, a close friend, some...
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zTailor Will Revolutionize Your Style Game

YASU + JUNKO I will be the first to tell you that tailoring is the key to ensuring that your clothing fits you properly and lasts as long as possible. But even a guy like me who takes a vested interest in the nuances of...
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Twilight Vampire Peter Facinelli’s Retro Style

WILSON FINN Though he’s a Twilight vampire, a Nurse Jackie regular, and star of the new TV thriller American Odyssey, Peter Facinelli’s not beyond getting stagestruck. “I remember doing a scene with Matthew Broderick [in Finding Amanda],” he says, “and I was like, ‘I’m working...
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A Style Guide to The Talented Mr. Ripley

New York City, the late 1950s — free jazz emerges as the new soundtrack of the youth, a generation defined by angst and subversion who esteem indulgence as the high road to liberation. Charlie Parker is king, and the confines of convention are crumbling along...
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10 Military Field Jackets to Sport on the Streets

The field jacket has a long-standing pedigree in military history. With many iterations over the years, none remains more iconic than the M-65, a style first introduced by Alpha Industries to outfit soldiers during the Vietnam War. With four front pockets — two on the...
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The 5 Deodorants to Beat Summer

The adopted underarm scent of teenagers is a sort of a cartoonish freshness. Old men all smell like bay rum, whether by choice or because they’ve been drinking. If you’re presently a member of one of those two demographics, well, that’s just the lot you’ve...
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