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Spend $60, Get Killer Shades

Some get crushed, others get scratched and more still are just lost and never found. Regardless of how it happens, we’ve all forfeited at least one pair of sunglasses to the beach gods over the years, and we’ll be damned if we cough up another...
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A Style Guide to The Talented Mr. Ripley

New York City, the late 1950s — free jazz emerges as the new soundtrack of the youth, a generation defined by angst and subversion who esteem indulgence as the high road to liberation. Charlie Parker is king, and the confines of convention are crumbling along...
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Outlaw Sweat with Body Powders

We’re not against a little perspiration: sweat on the brow is a sign of a good effort, and it’s how all those good pheromones get distributed. But when the only way not to soak through your shirt is by walking gingerly and observing a yogic...
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5 Fresh Fragrances to Wear This Summer

In the heat and humidity of summer, sweat glands go full throttle. Perspiration sends odor molecules into the air, increasing the aromatic effect of the bacteria on our skin. Pair that with a heavy-handed fragrance — an amber, oud, or something spicy (scents best reserved...
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Chop the Sleeves, Wear a Short Sleeve Button Down

Two truths: (1) I sweat a lot; (2) SoCal is hot. So, during my semi-awkward late-pubescent teen era in the inland area of Orange County, I looked to innovative solutions. I couldn’t rid myself of the braces — had those through senior year — but...
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Fight Sweat and Win with a Performance Dress Shirt

For the professional man with a proclivity for sweat, hope is out there. Performance fabrics that were once exclusive to athletic apparel are now being made appropriate for business meetings and dressier nights out. These next-gen, high-tech shirts keep you cool and collected when the...
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10 Trunks and Board Shorts for Summer

Summer and spontaneity go together like Jet Skis and adrenaline. Thankfully, modern swimwear has evolved away from garish patterns to embrace a simpler aesthetic — one that’s capable of navigating the shoreline and impromptu BBQ without a clothing pitstop. The return of pockets is also...
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10 Slip-Ons and Espadrilles for Summer

On the hierarchy of summer shoes, slip-ons fall somewhere between sneakers and sandals. They’re casual yet sophisticated, suitable for an exclusive dinner party or a spur-of-the-moment beach run, cool without being precious. The versatility of slip-ons is outmatched only by the sheer variety of them....
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An American Revives the Traditional Turkish Shoe

Traditional handmade slippers are relics of the past. For centuries they were the everyday shoes of people throughout Turkey, India and Morocco. But these old-world shoes eventually bowed to the vogue and sheer abundance of mass-produced sneakers. However, a particular Turkish slipper is making a...
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