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Aerobic Exercise Can Literally Make a Broken Heart Healthy Again

Running, rowing, cycling, skipping are belong to aerobic exercise. They may not just strengthen your heart, they may also actually repair it when it’s damaged. Proteins that help keep cells healthy usually mend themselves when they get degraded from normal wear and tear. Sometimes, though,...
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Introducing 10 Best Exercises for Tennis Players

Plus, stronger, more flexible muscles mean a greater resistance to injury—and that’s key for most players, who endure more pounding on hard surfaces than grass or clay. Tennis, probably more than any other sport, places a premium on rotational strength, lateral quickness, and shoulder stability....
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What Is a Really Superset and Why Should I Do It?

Supersets are one of the most popular techniques for a number of reasons. Click to the next page to find out what a superset is. When it comes to lifting weights, it’s not just about picking up heavy things and putting them down (carefully, please)....
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The 10 Best Exercises Actually for Golfers

Golf is ballistic, involving sudden moments of exertion. It’s also one-sided: Players swing 75 to 100 times from one side of the body, which can often create muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. (If only we were all ambidextrous and could play righty on the front...
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The Best CrossFit Workouts for Traveling

Even if you are staying at a hotel without a gym, if you can find a little floor space in your room, you can get in a good, sweaty workout. Traveling doesn’t mean taking a break from staying strong and healthy. You can take any...
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11 Things I Learned from 20 Years of Lifting

This story was originally published on DeanSomerset.com, the website of Dean Somerset, a personal trainer and exercise physiologist from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. His clientele ranges from joint replacement surgical clients to Olympic gold medalists and everyone in between. I'm about to turn 34 … I...
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