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By now, you’ve likely heard the story of this drunken pair of romancers who made news while they were flying to Ibiza from an English airport. After the combination of alcohol and horrified on-lookers conspired to make a viral mockery of their sloppy, on-board hook-up, Tracey Bolton and Shaun Edmonson are now facing the consequences of choosing one of the worst imaginable places to fornicate in public. (But if you are interested in successfully pulling off mile-high sex, here’s how it’s done.) This is especially true because, as it has been revealed, Edmonson is engaged to an expectant mother, making his indiscretion all the more cretinous.

As you can see in the video, Edmonson can’t keep his hands off Bolton as she grinds on his lap. Though no actual sex occurred according to Bolton, she is nonetheless distressed by its entry into the annals of memorable public embarrassments.

“I am horrified but absolutely nothing happened,” she reportedly said. “I haven’t stopped crying since I saw it. I am so embarrassed.”

Meanwhile, Edmonson is simply nowhere to be found.

“He has completely gone into hiding since this has all kicked off,” a family friend told The Daily Mail. “He could still even be over there. Apparently none of his family, or his girlfriend have been able get in touch with him.”

As always, this is why you don’t cheat. Should you decide to do it anyway, though, we certainly advise that you choose a more discreet location. Here are a few other places you should absolutely avoid when you’re hooking up in public.

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