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An oxford shirt is the epitome of refined utilitarianism. The perfect marriage between form and function, the shirt looks presentable both on and off-duty. Keep it crisp, and it works under a suit. Rumple it up a little, and it’s a great kick-around shirt for summer days.

Top-tier oxfords can fetch several hundred dollars for details that set them apart from the competition. But as nice as mother-of-pearl buttons and beefy collar rolls are, sometimes you just want an affordable shirt that looks damn good and gets the job done. There are a surprising number of well-made oxfords that retail for under $50: Here are three of the best.



Lands’ End Traditional Fit Rigger Oxford Shirt

Remember Lands’ End of mail-order catalog fame? The brands has a range of basics that knock it out of the park. For instance, this yellow-and-blue-striped oxford adds a preppy pop of color to your wardrobe for under $20. When was the last time you paid $20 for a shirt, t-shirts excluded? I can’t remember either.

Buy Now: $20

Uniqlo Oxford Slim Fit Shirt

For slim guys on a budget, Uniqlo’s oxford shirts are a revelation. They come in all the requisite collars, but with a more tailored fit than Ivy-inspired models. The collars are beefier than other fast-fashion oxfords and thus hold up better. At $30, the value per wear is insane.

Buy Now: $30

Muji Organic Washed Oxford Shirt

Even the most ethical among us can find a sub-$50 oxford worthy of daily wear. Like Uniqlo, Muji is a Japanese fast-fashion brand taking the U.S. by storm. Unlike Uniqlo, however, Muji goes beyond clothing and walking into one of their minimalist stores is a soothing experience. No matter the shirt’s provenance, the use of organic cotton is a plus, and a rarity for a $35 shirt.

Buy Now: $35


[Source : https://gearpatrol.com/2017/07/17/oxfords-under-50-dollars/]

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