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It doesn’t look natural. It doesn’t feel practical. After the days of frolicking on front lawns and football fields sans shirt are over, it’s time to start considering the general public that doesn’t wish to gaze upon every dude’s sweaty flesh. At some point post-college, leaving your torso naked for daily activities doesn’t make sense anymore.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on that feeling of pure freedom while working out and running this summer. We know that working out shirtless has plenty of benefits: No nipple chafing on long runs, less laundry at the end of the week, and a perfectly line-less tan. Plus, this dude got 900 (hot girl) friend requests overnight when he went running without a shirt and got caught on camera.

So to create the ultimate guide on going shirtless, we caught up with Aaron Williamson, former Marine and fitness consultant to our current cover guy Zac Efron. Here are his do’s and don’ts of going shirtless, confidence tricks to take it off, and the workout that will get your body ready for some shirt-shedding.

First, know where it’s OK to go shirtless and when to keep it on >>>




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