Love Gift For Her Or Him & Gift Idea

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Who says that only man can send gift for men ? Women still can buy it for themself.
If you’ve burned through your favorite candle…

A cult classic, this candle is newly decked out in a sultry shade of red for V-Day. Leave it on your dresser for the looks, but burn it for the weirdly addictive scent of rosewater, cherry, and violet

If your hair is your bae…

Subtler than an actual perfume but (probably) still better-smelling than your conditioner, this rose-infused hair mist not only lightly scents hair but also prevents frizz and static.

If you’re a beauty balm addict…

L’Occitane’s buttery body cream (so thick, the word buttah applies) can now be monogrammed with alphabet letters with a quick visit to any L’Occitane store.

If you’re a Miss Dior girl…

Meet your new winter moisturizer—in the prettiest package of all time (seriously, just try to resist). You probably have dry skin anyway, so why not hydrate with a nourishing, floral-scented mist?

If you’re feeling bold…

We know what you’re thinking: black lipstick? Have we totally jumped ship? Nope. It goes on sheer and adjusts to your pH, so once you swipe it on, the end result will range from mauve to a vampy plum.…

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